Philanthropy Projects by Betsy DeVos

There are many different ways that charitable people and even people who are not so charitable can help others out but Betsy DeVos has been working to make sure that she can help a lot of different people out with the problems that they are having. This has given her a chance to be able to do more and to offer more in the different situations that she is in. Throughout the time that she has been working as a philanthropist, DeVos has brought a lot of change to different situations. She has helped people who would have never even known about the opportunities that they had when they were in their own economic situations. Because of this, it allowed her the chance to be able to do more and to provide more to the people who were not able to get different things for herself.

When DeVos first started doing philanthropic work, it was to help create change in an education system that is severely damaged. She recognized that not all children should have to use public education and she wanted to make sure that the people who wanted different options were able to get it. This allowed her the chance to see what the inside of the education system was like and to make major changes to it that would be extremely beneficial to the children who were currently stuck in public school situations. Because of the options that Betsy included during those times, children now have choices. Check this related article from

One of the first things that she did was create voucher programs for children. These were done in small areas at first and allowed children to have the vouchers that they needed to make sure that they were going to be able to go to a private or a charter school so that they would be able to get what they could out of the different situations. It was something that allowed them to truly see the benefits.

The easiest way that Betsy DeVos was able to help people was simply doing it herself. While she worked with other charities and foundations at the beginning, she eventually decided to just take it on herself. She started her own foundation along with her husband, Dick. They worked hard to build it up from the ground and they created a lot of opportunity with the charity. The DeVos’ also got their family involved with the charity because they knew that they were just as philanthropic. It allows them to enjoy time together and to make a difference. Visit to know more about their foundation.

Oncotarget: The Holy Grail of Scientists

For years, scientists have engaged in different research, and now they have a Journal that they can publish their reports. Oncotarget, established in 2010 is a peer-review based journal that is published by the Impact Journal. The editors-in-chief are Andrei V.Gudkov and Mikhail Blagosklonny. Follow Oncotarget on Twitter.

The journal has gained popularity because of its insightful and constructive research publications. The primary goal of the journal is to help the scientists and authors to increase the impact of their research. The journal is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License

The members of the Editorial are experienced and well knowledgeable on the medical research. The editors include Carlo M. Croce and Andrew Schally, a Nobel Prize Winner. The duo has published cumulatively 37 papers on Oncotarget.

Since its inception, four members of the Oncotarget namely Bert Vogelstein, Alexander Varshavsky, Michael N. Hall, and Stephen J. Elledge won the breakthrough prize.

Oncotarget is an open access journal, and regular users of the journal can find new articles every week.

Editorial regulations

Oncotarget primarily publishes research papers on cancer and oncology. However, they also publish articles on the human organism, age-related diseases, immunology, pathology, and physiology.

There are regulations in place to guide the publications. If you publish a paper that is not related to oncology, then you must indicate the appropriate section.

The word limit is 800 words and seven references for the editorial news. The paper should not have more than three co-authors. There is no page or reference limit when it comes to the research papers.

The journal has a publication fee $3,400 for the research papers, reviews, and the case report. There is a reduced fee of $1900 which applies to the research perspectives. As of February 5, 2017, the publication fee is $2,850.

Keep in mind that there is no refund once the first manuscript is published.

Despite the massive criticism of the journal review process, Oncotarget has a 2015 Impact Factor of 5.008 according to the Journal Citation Report. The Impact Factor is a measure that reflects the average citations on the articles published in the Journal. Download output styles at

Norman Pattiz Releases a Crucial Study Report on the impact of podcast campaigns

Norman Pattiz, Executive Chairman of PodcastOne alongside Tom Webster; Vice President at Edison Research, have released the results of a sequence of all inclusive studies that focused on the effects of advertisement. This research was based on five leading consumer brands across five diverse product and service categories.

This study was the first of its kind looking at the pre and post-campaign brand boost for those who advertise using podcasts. The results of the research depicted the significant impact of podcast advertising on aspects such as brand recall, recall of specific messaging as well as intent to make purchases. According to the research, over 60 percent of listeners noticed a particular brand after the advertisement.

The study also showed that for a financial services product, unaided product awareness shot up by a whopping 47 percent. Automobile aftermarket registered a 37 percent increase while lawn and garden products rose by 24 percent. The post-study also revealed that over a third of the plaintiffs had favorable opinions regarding automobile aftermarket product, registering an increase of 18 percent in the pre-study.

According to the research, the awareness of a particular advert message increased by 60 percent for an automobile aftermarket product from pre-study to post-study. In the same case, a 76 percent increment was registered for a particular casual dining restaurant.

Speaking on the release of the study results, Norman Pattiz emphasized that his company has always been focused on independently verifying that the Podcast format offers an improved brand impact compared to traditional advertising methods. The results from the study further validated PodcastOne’s approach to incorporated advertisement and evaluation.

According to Crunchbase, Norman Pattiz is an overly accomplished individual in his line of work. His track record in the radio synchronization sector is what speaks for him. Apart from founding the PodcastOne, Pattiz is also the founder of Westwood One. His excellence in the industry has seen Norman being recognized and enlisted in the National Radio Hall of Fame.

Speaking on the secret behind his success, Norman said, “Be the first in the morning and the last one out at night. Stay busy, excited and engaged”. Forbes magazine has also celebrated Norman for his ‘celebrity-infused greatest hits.’ Norman has an over forty years of experience in the radio syndication sector. Presumably, the amount of time he has taken to hone his skill in this area is what makes him virtually an undisputed leader in his industry.

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A Look At The Illustrative Career Of Nabors’ CEO, Anthony Petrello

Anthony Petrello serves as Nabors’ chief executive officer and president. This corporation is based in Hamilton Bermuda. It was founded in 1968. Originally, Nabors Industries Ltd was known as Anglo Energy, Ltd. The natural gas, geothermal drilling, and S&P 500 contractor operates on land around the Americas, Far East, Middle East, and Africa.

Additionally, in North America, Nabors undertakes onshore well servicing and offers rigs for offshore oilrig work over. For its offshore business, Nabors runs a fleet of twenty-nine marine vessels besides offering top-drilling drives. In addition, it offers equipment for rig instrumentation and systems for directional drilling.

Follow Tony Petrello on Twitter.

Tony Petrello is an alumnus of the prestigious Harvard Law School where he received a J.D. He is also a graduate of Yale University where he earned his a Bachelor of Science and Masters of Science degrees in mathematics. Petrello joined Nabors industries in 1991. Later, he was elected to the corporation’s board of directors and executive committee of the board. Between 1991 and 2011, Petrello worked as the company’s president and chief operating officer. Beginning in 2003, he served as the deputy chairman of the board.

Previously, he worked for Baker & McKenzie. Tony joined the company in 1979. Tony’s practice at the renowned law firm focused on general corporate law and international arbitration. At the start of 1986, Petrello worked as the managing partner of the firm’s New York office.

Petrello is an active member of the board of trustees of Texas Children’s Hospital. The organization promotes research and clinical initiatives that address the needs of children suffering from neurological disorders. In addition, he is the director of Stewart & Stevenson LLC. Petrello serves as the director of Hilcorp Energy Company.

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Former Owner of Atlanta Hawks Sues AIG over Ferry Settlement

Even though Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC. has changed hands, the former owners are still cleaning up a mess left behind. The former owners have filed a lawsuit against New Hampshire Insurance Company, also listed as AIG, for breach of contract. According to Bruce Levenson, the insurance company failed to represent them in a situation where claims were brought by Danny Ferry.

The lawsuit was filed on September 13, and has been classified as a civil action for “breach of contract and insurance in bad faith.” During the time that Danny Ferry filed a claim against AHBE, a spokesman states that the company was covered by AIG for wrongful terminations and workplace torts.

When the claims came to a point of negotiation, AIG refused to represent the company in negotiations, or acknowledge that the company had a policy with them.

Bruce Levenson

Bruce Levenson is the co-founder of United Communications Group. This company publishes multiple newsletters and has compiled numerous databases on topics surrounding the oil industry.

Levenson is also the former co-owner of the Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC. from 2004 through 2014, which was sold. Read more on

Levenson is also a philanthropist and spends a lot of his time working with various organizations to improve the quality of life for low-income children.  See,

Securus Technologies Wins the Battle

Securus Technologies is a leading national provider of communications platforms for use by correctional institutions, safety organizations, and law enforcement agencies. The company offers state-of-the-art technology and efficiency systems that serve over 3,400 institutional clients and over 1.2 million inmates and their immediate families.


A menu of various phone products that operate on iPhones, Androids, tablets, and landline systems offers a varied menu of capabilities. Plans include direct billing, prepaid calls, collect calls, and inmate debit plans, where the inmates pay for their calls. Also included is the popular video call module, where the callers can see each other while talking, as long as a web camera is situated at both ends of the spectrum. A Jail Voicemail plan, email, and a money transfer capability is also available.


Recently, GTL, a competitor has been focused on trashing Securus by publically stating online and in their advertising that their serviced are way better than Securus and at much better prices as well. All of these claims are fabricated and without merit of proof of any kind. It is as though all of the claims have been pulled out of thin air with no verification.


Securus decided to do something about all of this malarkey, so they challenged GTL to put up or shut up. They threw out the challenge of publically comparing servicing and pricing metrics with a disinterested third party to be the judge of who is real and who is not. Once the challenge was thrown out there, the resounding silence was deafening. After a few days, GTL quietly declined participation.


Securus knew right away that there would be no competition if GTL had decided to take the challenge, and GTL knew it too. When you are dealing with the scope of the servicing area that Securus is involved with, it would be impossible to fool so many people all of the time. Securus takes their customers seriously and always make sure that they come first.


Making every day a good hair day; Wen By Chaz

Everyone wishes there was something a bit better about their hair. Some of the most common issues include dryness of the scalp, thinness of the hair and others split end and lack of sheen. What most people do not realize is that some of the hair care procedures that they follow could be the reason that the hair is in trouble in the first place. Below are a few tips that can help you eliminate hair problems and make every day of the week a good hair day.

First, not many people realize that the process they use when washing their hair is the reason it is drying out and losing too much moisture. Ideally, when washing the hair, one should start with wetting the entire scalp before soap or shampoo. This locks in the moisture and keeps it locked even after the rinses. In addition to that, when the hair is wet, it should be combed from the ends towards the roots. This is what will prevent breakages, especially when the hair is in the weak wet state.

Another common cause of issues is the heat and styling tools that are used.  Regulate the heat emitted by styling tools such as blow driers and tongs to retain healthy hair.

The third cause of issues is the use of the wrong hair products. You need to switch to products that care about hair in all its evolution stages. Switching to brands such as WEN hair By Chaz will resolve of most of your hair issues. Their conditioners and shampoos are made with natural ingredients which are best for all natural and treated hair types.

These products have been made after years of trials and tests by people who work in the hair care industry. The owner of the line, Chaz Dean, see:, was a hair stylist for a long time before he started making these products.

For more hair care tips, visit the WEN hair Facebook page and twitter.