Marathon Pharmaceuticals, revolutionizing the medical industry one day at a time

When most pharmaceutical companies come in the industry, the aim is mostly to develop high volumes of medications to spread in the market. Well, not for Marathon Pharmaceuticals. Marathon Pharmaceuticals is a drug developing company that establishes treatments for rare diseases. The company works on a small volume basis. Marathon develops medications that are difficult to manufacture and avails them to patients with very few medical options or none at all. Among the rare diseases that Marathon seeks to develop treatments for are cancer, Neurological issues among other disorders that are rare to stumble upon.


The background of Marathon Pharmaceuticals


Marathon Pharmaceuticals was founded in 2008 with headquarters in Chicago. The company also has subsidiaries in Northbrook Illinois and several others that are still in the works. Marathon also recently announced the launch of a new Marathon Bioscience Centre that will be working as a pipeline for the development of treatments for disorders of the Central Nervous System, deficiencies in the endocrine system, movement and gastrointestinal disorders as well as cancer.


Marathon Pharmaceutical’s achievements


Marathon is credited for the production of numerous drugs like the Seconal Sodium, PEPCID, Opium Tincture and Amytal Sodium among others. However, it would seem that ZINGO is the biggest launch in the company’s history yet.


Marathon Pharmaceutical’s ZINGO


ZINGO, which also goes by the name Lidocaine hydrochloride monohydrate in scientific terms, is a device that was launched in an attempt to introduce a painless way of inserting needles into the human body. The easy to use device is used by doctors to deliver anesthetics. The device was aimed at serving the young population between the ages of three and eighteen as this is the sample of the population that experiences most pain during injection.


How does the ZINGO device work?


The device works by pressing a button which in turn delivers a dose of powdered lidocaine to the applied area. The power is then transferred through the skin with the help of a delivery system powered by helium. This results in a numbing effect on the applied area that kicks in within two minutes and is guaranteed to last for only ten minutes within which the medical practitioner can conduct the desired clinical procedure.


Most doctors have adopted ZINGO since it works almost five times faster than local anesthetics.


Jeff Aronin leads on bringing new pharmaceuticals to market

Innovation is the key to the future. This is true for many industries including the healthcare industry. New medicines and treatments that have yet to be invented or discovered will be needed to continue improving the quality of life for those inflicted by medical issues. Jeff Aronin, a major pharmaceutical CEO, has been on the forefront of this effort to create new medications for ailments plaguing people all over the world.


Jeff Aronin recognized by medical industry magazine


Aronin is CEO of Paragon Biosciences and was recently named one of the 20 most influential leaders in the healthcare industry for 2018 by Insights Care magazine. Paragon is a bioscience venture incubator which invests in and helps new venture biotechnology companies. The company currently leads the industry with more than 32 New and Novel Drug Approvals that have been earned by Paragon’s portfolio companies and the talented staff on Paragon’s research and development teams.


Paragon to invest $445 million in capital


Paragon, under the leadership of Jeff Aronin, focuses on developing pharmaceutical compounds used to treat a variety of ailments. Since October 2017, the pharmaceutical venture company has invested more than $450 million into biopharmaceutical companies that have experienced high rates of growth. Some of the companies in Paragon’s portfolio includes Emalex Biosciences, Castle Creek Pharma and Harmony Biosciences. Within the next year Paragon is planning on investing at least another $445 million into various aspects of its business model.


Leadership and making a difference


Aronin believes much of his success in business stems from essential leadership principles. This includes a knack for recruiting and retaining the best talent to create a team that shares the same vision as Paragon’s CEO. Many of Paragon’s staff have stayed with Aronin for more than 15 years. However, according to Aronin, what keeps him most motivated is knowing that he is helping to eliminate human suffering by making a difference in the lives of patients in need.


Steve Richie: Apologizes To Papa John’s Consumers

Steve Richie is the current CEO of Papa John’s. Mr. Richie has worked for the pizza company for the past 22 years. The progressive leader is a passionate executive who has managed to salvage the company from a tainted outlook.

Although the general public had started to dislike Papa John’s, Steve Richie managed to dissuade them through a candid approach. The CEO made it clear that the pizza company doesn’t entertain tactless language and racial discrimination. Through a candid statement, he pointed out that Papa John’s doesn’t belong to any single individual and that the company has over 100,000 franchise and corporate employees from all over the globe. These people toil every day to ensure that various communities enjoy their pizza and services generally.

In addition to this, Mr. Richie recognized that the general public doesn’t need lip service only as he added more practical solutions. The following are some of the steps that Steve Richie promised:

  • That Papa John’s will be conducted in a transparent manner and that the company should be held accountable for all their actions.
  • Papa John’s is coming up with clearer goals of developing and progressing. The pizza company is planning to do this by bringing in skilled professionals who will assist in auditing its inclusion, diversity and culture practices.
  • The pizza company’s senior executives will be keen on getting their employees and other stakeholders feedback and this will assist them in getting insight on Papa John’s.

Additionally, Mr. Richie fully acknowledged the role that their consumers had played through their loyalty. However, he mentioned that he will personally spearhead the efforts of fully gaining the trust of everyone involved in the pizza business even though it might take some time. The apology clearly pointed out that Steve Richie held a clear empathy not only towards the company but also towards the consumers.

Steve Ritchie Papa John’s clearly knew how to salvage the support of one of the leading pizza company’s in the world. He also made it clear that his company is bigger than any individual in its ranks. This wise move is sure to assist in securing the thousands of employees who work for the company.

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The Transitioning of Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade‘s Automobile Company, CAOA

Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade, a medical doctor turned businessman is someone to emulate, is the founder of CAOA Group. CAOA is a Brazilian automobile distributor and manufacturer. As per, the company distributes brands such as Hyundai, Ford, Chery and Subaru in Brazil. CAOA has become the largest Ford dealership in the greater Latin America. In 2017, CAOA spent about $60 million to acquire a 51 percent stake in the Chinese company, Chery operations in Brazil. The new company was named ‘Caoa Chery’. Caoa manufactures iX35 Tucson and New Tucson SUVs as well as the HR and HD80 trucks at its manufacturing plant – CAOA Assembly Plant, situated in the city of Anápolis.

The transitioning of Dr. Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade from a medical doctor to a world renowned businessman is something to be held in awe. His inspiration towards the founding of CAOA in 1979 is worth noting. It started when Dr. Carlos went to buy a Ford Landau at a Ford dealership shop in Campina Grande. To his dismay, before he had the opportunity to pick his car, the dealership went bankrupt. To compensate Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade, the dealership offered him work as the manager. While working at the dealership, he saw an opportunity in the automobile industry thus founding CAOA. Through his dedication and strategic leadership, the company continues to grow to date.

In the clock of the 1990s, Brazil started opening its auto industry to importing vehicles. This opened an opportunity for Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade’s CAOA Group. The company became the official importer of Renault in Brazil. Within 3 years, Renault became Brazil’s 5th imported brand in the country.

In 1998, Subaru made Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade their official importer in Brazil. In less than a year’s time, Subaru’s sales had tripled. In yet another indication of Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade’s dedication and business acumen, in 1999 CAOA became Hyundai’s importer in the country and the sales of Hyundai’s Tucson model became their leading imported cars in Brazil.

As time went by, CAOA’s influence in the Brazilian Automobile industry continued to grow. By 2006, the company had become Ford’s largest dealer in Latin America. Today, CAOA is the official importer and distributer of Hyundai and Subaru in Brazil. In 2010, Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade’s CAOA their first Hyundai plant in Brazil. The plant generates revenues of about $1.2 billion a year.

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Betsy DeVos Aims For Change In US Educational System

If you have been paying attention to politics over the past two years, stemming from the 2016 Presidential Election, you know doubt know just how bitter and partisan the political scene has become. In truth, we are more divided as a nation than ever and that holds true all the way back until you hit the Civil War. With that being said, there are still reasons for optimism in the political world because there are still good people out there trying to make good things happen. Betsy DeVos is the newest Secretary of Education and she has made it her life’s goal, literally, to accomplish education reform throughout the United States so that no child has to be forced into a curriculum that does them no favors. Let’s learn more about DeVos and her ideas regarding school choice.


Betsy DeVos was born in Holland, MI to a wealthy family and she had the option early on in life to take it easy and follow her family’s footsteps. Instead of relaxing into the role expected of her, Betsy DeVos would immediately seek out higher education as soon as it was possible. She sharpened her political mind at Calvin College by taking in the works of Milton Friedman, a prominent writer who has contributed plenty of different concepts that have since been adopted by conservative-leaning individuals. For Betsy DeVos, no work was more important than Friedman’s thoughts on The Role Of Government In Education.


Like most conservatives, Betsy DeVos understands that the federal government will be involved with public life to a certain extent. Like all conservatives, DeVos believes that the government can prosper most when individuals are granted the most rights and freedom from government oversight. DeVos has since championed a concept known as school choice and the core of the idea is that parents should be able to choose where their children get an education without being punished.


As our readers no doubt understand, we all pay into taxes that go toward supporting public schools. Yet, for parents who do not have children attending public schools, why are you paying into that system? School choice argues for federal funds to be spread around to other schooling institutions such as charter schools, private schools, and religious schools. With school choice implement, parents will be able to send their children to the educational facilities that most suit them without being punished for it in the form of taxes.


For updates, follow Betsy DeVos on Facebook.

Ryan Seacrest Talks Busy Life In The Upper East Side

Forty-three year old Ryan Seacrest is still trying to get used to his new life in New York. He moved out of Los Angeles about a year ago to start hosting “Live” with Kelly Ripa. In addition to his new cohosting job he has his own radio show, produces “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” as well as American Idol. His todo list doesn’t stop there. Mr. Seacrest also manages his own fashion line and skin care. Let’s take a closer look at his day.

Early Start

In the mornings Ryan Seacrest gets up at 6 o’clock. He rushes to shower, shave, and moisture his face. Since he’s not from New York he has to check the daily forecast. His outfit typically is sweat pants, T-shirt and a zip-up hoodie. His shoes of choice is his pair of Uggs. He says last year he broke his Uggs out in May and was informed it was too soon. After getting dressed Ryan Seacrest heads downstairs for his matcha tea and coffee. The tea is mainly for his body because it’s a healthy tea.

About His Workout

Producer Ryan Seacrest says he would workout at noon in his 20s and 30s but he kept it a secret because he felt guilty working out during business hours. As he got older the physical component has been more of a good way to balance the intensity of his schedule and work. He says when he went to the Bahamas to shoot “Live” with Kelly Ripa he wound up bringing his trainer along to keep his routine on point. Lately Ryan Seacrest has been doing a bit of boxing with a coach. He says he’s ready if the time comes to defend himself. He uses the peloton bikes before work and he loves organic running in the park.

Catching Up And Prioritizing

Ryan Seacrest (@ryanseacrest) catches up with news in the morning and then he has seven minutes to get to work. He lives on the Upper East Side so he has time to read in the car on the way. He says one thing he has learned to do is prioritize requests. He only takes call interviews or other requests after the first half of his day is done. He can think more about long term issues in the afternoon.


Paul Mampilly is offering support to investors on future investments

Investing in the future can be a huge challenge. It is not easy to tell what will be happening in coming years with certainty. When investing in the future, you need to do a very good analysis to know that the prospects of long-term gains are high. Even experienced investors know that investing in the future can be very unpredictable. Sometimes, even the best opportunities do not record gains over a long time. So, knowing an investment that will have long-term gains will need one to observe the trends in different sectors keenly. The good thing with long-term investments is that you stand a chance to make better returns at the end of it all.

Paul Mampilly is an investor who understands how hard it can be to make investments in the stock market. He has been a hedge fund manager for years, and therefore he understands the challenges that come with investments in the future. Although he has a very good reputation as an investor, he reckons that investing in the future can be challenging especially for the less experienced. As an experienced investor, he is filling the gap by offering advice to people who would like to make it in the industry. Paul Mampilly is writing to his followers through the Profits Unlimited newsletter which he owns and the Banyan Hill Publishing website. He hopes to help as many people as possible understands how investments should be made.

Paul Mampilly is one of the people who has made sure that everything that is happening in the society is being accomplished for the full benefit of the investors. He knows the difference it can make when we have an informed society. Mampilly has taught his children how to invest, and now they are doing better than many investors in today’s world. He left the Wall Street at 42 years so that he could concentrate on educating the masses who are in need of this education. Paul Mampilly left the Wall Street after winning a competition that recognized the best trader. He returned 76 percent, earning the highest return. The Templeton competition was held during the 2008/2009 global financial crisis.

Victoria Doramus Is Sober And Qualified

Victoria Doramus is one of many educated, ambitious people who have fallen victim to the influence of hard drugs. She consumed hard stimulants, which she became addicted to and eventually started to abuse. There came a point where she would consume numerous pills a day. Her problems resulted in a state of homelessness in New York City. An embarrassing incident in which she got arrested by police officers led to the epiphany that it was time to finally get sober, for real.

She went to rehab and followed a very meticulous program to get sober while living in Texas. She took up employment as a waitress and eventually became well-endowed enough with finances enough to pay her own bill. She contacted her mother, who was dying of cancer. This signified a big milestone in her growth as a newly sober person. After that, she went back to New York to work. Now, as a self-employed lady who takes part in philanthropy, she goes between London and New York.

She is experienced in different tasks. This is because each of her jobs have demanded a lot from her. She has had to take part in constructing schedules, planning things out, creating things, thinking up things related to marketing and many other things. Victoria Doramus, a philanthropist, is more than qualified to be hired for any job. She is definitely a jack of all trades and a master of all. Her resume is full of so many things that no employer should turn her down. She also has a bachelor’s degree from a well-known university—the University of Colorado. Victoria Doramus majored in Journalism, something that was her passion for years. Her career has brought her to various corners of the world. It has brought her to England, the West Coast of the United States and the East Coast of the United States.

Understanding freedom Checks and Trump Bonus Checks

In 2018, the United States financial market has been full of new ideas. Among those which have appeared include Freedom Checks and Trump Bonus Checks. These two ideas have they own merits. They are not the same, but many people have been trying to compare them. They, however, have some close resemblance in the way they operate. One of the main differences between the two is that they were introduced by two different individuals. Freedom Checks were introduced by Matt Badiali and Mike Burnick introduced the Trump Bonus Checks. These ideas have the potential to create wealth on behalf of investors.

They are however prone to criticism from some people, When these ideas were introduced, some people chose to keep away from them because they looked unrealistic methods of making money. Months after, those who took the advice of the founders seriously are now making he returns. The greatest misconception about these checks was thinking that they are some free money schemes. Some thought that it was the government that was giving out free money. What they failed to do is to read more about the two ideas and understand what they are about. Those who did their homework can now smile all the way to the bank because the programs have started paying off.

Trump Bonus Checks are meant for people who have offered services to the nation. Burnick is targeting veterans from the armed forces as beneficiaries of this idea. Those who would like to benefit from the idea will need to subscribe to his newsletter where they will get information about the companies they should invest with. One will need to invest and get returns in dividends. For freedom Checks, the idea is a little bit different. There are no restrictions as to who can invest. Anyone who would like to invest has an opportunity to do. There are no restrictions as to who can engage in them. Matt Badiali introduced this idea to help investors to benefit from companies known as master limited partnerships (MLPs). These companies operate natural resources in the United States. They are required by the government to generate 90 percent of their revenue from the United States, and they will qualify for tax exemptions. these are the companies which should pay the Freedom Checks.

OSI Industries continues with global expansion with a commitment to Green innovations

From humble beginnings to becoming one of the leading processors of value-added meat products, OSI Industries’ path to success is one that a company can borrow a leaf from. The company has an interesting history that spans several decades. The traces its roots to a German Immigrant known as Otto Kolchowsky, who established a local butcher shop in Chicago. How Otto transformed the little butcher shop into a giant processing company remains a mystery to many people, including his competitors.

Today, OSI Group appears in the list of the largest top hundred privately held companies in the U.S. In 2016, OSI reported annual revenues of more than $6 billion. OSI has built a reputation for staying ahead of the loop regarding food safety, sustainability and green practices. Sheldon Lavin, the CEO and his team are playing a critical role in feeding millions of people across the globe.

OSI Industries’ breakthrough

For close to five decades, Otto & Sons were supplying high-quality meat cuts to wholesalers and retailers in Chicago. But in 1955, the company landed a deal with McDonald’s where it was chosen to be the sole supplier of hamburger. To meet the increased demand, Otto & Sons Company built processing dedicated to serving the McDonalds in 1973.

The Sons of Otto, who were left to manage the family business, approached Sheldon Lavin to help them in securing financing for expanding their production. Sheldon did not only help Otto & Sons to obtain financing, but he also became a business partner.

With Sheldon Lavin aboard, the company started expanding overseas, a move that helped to put the company in the international arena. During this time, the company rebranded to OSI Industries and then to OSI Group after opening other facilities outside the U.S.

Penetrating the poultry products market

With the arrival of the new millennium, OSI became more aggressive in expanding their poultry operations across the globe. The company began by acquiring companies in France, Australia, and Asia. After seeing the huge potential in the poultry industry, the company intensified their operations in the U.S, India, and Canada. Recently, OSI Industries spent a fortune to expand their Spain-based poultry facility where they increased its capacity by a hundred percent.

Maintaining the lead

OSI Industries credits bulk of its success to its visionary leadership. OSI also has a wonderful team of employees who work in their 65 plants spread across 16 nations. The company boasts of state-of-the-art technology and equipment, which helps them in the production of top quality food products.