Robert Ivy Implements New Developments Through The American Institute Of Architects

Robert Ivy is an important name in the field of architecture and has contributed immensely to the field, particularly through the position that he currently holds. Ivy serves as the CEO of the American Institute of Architects and serves as one of the members of the board of directors for the company. The American Institute of Architect is an organization that constitutes all of the professionals working in the architectural industry in America. The organization was founded in 1857 and was established with the focus on developing and improving the sector. When the organization was founded, the industry didn’t have any qualification requirements for people working in the sector. Almost anyone could become an architect, which resulted in a number of sub-par projects which cost the country a lot of money and resources. The organization pushed for the establishment of degrees and courses for people who wanted to enter into the field of architecture, which created a huge amount of development to the field as a whole. There is no doubt that the organization has contributed immensely to the architecture that the country currently has, and the urban development and planning that has been implemented.

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When Robert Ivy was offered the position of CEO by the American Institute of Architects, he knew that he would be in a position of power in which he could transform the industry and take it into the future. One of the things that Ivy wanted to develop was the kind of technology that architects use to perform their activities. To this effect, Ivy decided to start a program which called for software developers and app designers to work with the American Institute of Architects and help them create apps and programs that can help architects as they contribute to the structures in the cities and areas that they build in.
Robert Ivy has an incredible amount of experience in the field and has worked with a number of companies, as an architect, and also as the Editor in Chief for architectural publications. One of the more notable positions that he held was when he was the Editor in Chief of Architectural Record, a well known architectural publisher. He is also the author of a book that he wrote and published under the name of the American Institute of Architects, which talks about Fay Jones, the notable architect who contributed immensely to the numerous structures in Washington. 
The field of architecture is always something that Ivy has been incredibly passionate about. He was a member of the American Institute of Architects since the beginning of his career, while he was working with different companies and clients.

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