Betsy DeVos Aims For Change In US Educational System

If you have been paying attention to politics over the past two years, stemming from the 2016 Presidential Election, you know doubt know just how bitter and partisan the political scene has become. In truth, we are more divided as a nation than ever and that holds true all the way back until you hit the Civil War. With that being said, there are still reasons for optimism in the political world because there are still good people out there trying to make good things happen. Betsy DeVos is the newest Secretary of Education and she has made it her life’s goal, literally, to accomplish education reform throughout the United States so that no child has to be forced into a curriculum that does them no favors. Let’s learn more about DeVos and her ideas regarding school choice.


Betsy DeVos was born in Holland, MI to a wealthy family and she had the option early on in life to take it easy and follow her family’s footsteps. Instead of relaxing into the role expected of her, Betsy DeVos would immediately seek out higher education as soon as it was possible. She sharpened her political mind at Calvin College by taking in the works of Milton Friedman, a prominent writer who has contributed plenty of different concepts that have since been adopted by conservative-leaning individuals. For Betsy DeVos, no work was more important than Friedman’s thoughts on The Role Of Government In Education.


Like most conservatives, Betsy DeVos understands that the federal government will be involved with public life to a certain extent. Like all conservatives, DeVos believes that the government can prosper most when individuals are granted the most rights and freedom from government oversight. DeVos has since championed a concept known as school choice and the core of the idea is that parents should be able to choose where their children get an education without being punished.


As our readers no doubt understand, we all pay into taxes that go toward supporting public schools. Yet, for parents who do not have children attending public schools, why are you paying into that system? School choice argues for federal funds to be spread around to other schooling institutions such as charter schools, private schools, and religious schools. With school choice implement, parents will be able to send their children to the educational facilities that most suit them without being punished for it in the form of taxes.


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George Soros At The Center Of Funding For The Ferguson Protest Movement

Following the controversy witnessed in various parts of the U.S, including Cleveland, Staten Island, and most recently Ferguson, several organizations have risen up to embolden grassroots activists. At the focal point of the Ferguson protest movement is Hungarian-born businessman and entrepreneur, George Soros. Over the years, he has developed a thriving global business empire, as well as playing a significant role in American politics and policy making through his financial contributions. These contributions have been channeled through his nonprofit known as the Open Society Foundations. He is also an active contributor to several political action committees and activist groups.

Through years of funding and financial assistance, George Soros has motivated several groups in the U.S to take action. This support has transformed the Ferguson movement protests from a one-time criminal occurrence in Missouri into a fully-fledged national cause. According to Kenneth Zimmerman, the Open Society Foundations’ Director of U.S programs, the support accorded to these groups exemplifies the need for citizens to participate in governance so as to bring about a more inclusive, just, and democratic society.

Based on the use of data collection, research, and existing policy frameworks, a society becomes more accountable to its members. However, Kenneth Zimmerman forwards that although George Soros funds these organizations; he has in no way directed the activists to protest at the request of the Open Society Foundation. According to George Soros, the spontaneous protests in Ferguson were as a result of the reaction of social justice groups to the absence of political participation. Learn more about his profile at

The organizations sponsored by George Soros mobilize support for their causes in Ferguson through the use of social media and online campaigns. They work together to keep the story alive in the media so as to raise awareness. The groups that came together in Ferguson include Drug Policy Alliance, Equal Justice USA, Sojourners, Center for Community Change, Gamaliel Foundation, and #BlackLivesMatter.

About George Soros

George Soros is a businessman, philanthropist, and investor based in the U.S, and bears Hungarian origins. Together with his family, they fled Hungary to England in 1947. George Soros then studied at the LSE, while working as a railway porter and waiter to fund his education. Know more on CNBC about George Soros.

He began his financial career while working as a stock broker for several merchant banks in London. In 1958, George Soros emigrated to the U.S, where he specialized in international stock arbitrage on Wall Street. He has two successful hedge funds to his name, including Double Eagle, formed in 1969 and Soros Fund Management, established in 1970.

George Soros is a long-time supporter of progressive liberal and democratic causes through the Open Society Foundations. He established this entity to advance human rights and democracy across the world. To this end, he has supported the political campaigns of well-known leaders such as Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, and much more.

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Philanthropy Projects by Betsy DeVos

There are many different ways that charitable people and even people who are not so charitable can help others out but Betsy DeVos has been working to make sure that she can help a lot of different people out with the problems that they are having. This has given her a chance to be able to do more and to offer more in the different situations that she is in. Throughout the time that she has been working as a philanthropist, DeVos has brought a lot of change to different situations. She has helped people who would have never even known about the opportunities that they had when they were in their own economic situations. Because of this, it allowed her the chance to be able to do more and to provide more to the people who were not able to get different things for herself.

When DeVos first started doing philanthropic work, it was to help create change in an education system that is severely damaged. She recognized that not all children should have to use public education and she wanted to make sure that the people who wanted different options were able to get it. This allowed her the chance to see what the inside of the education system was like and to make major changes to it that would be extremely beneficial to the children who were currently stuck in public school situations. Because of the options that Betsy included during those times, children now have choices. Check this related article from

One of the first things that she did was create voucher programs for children. These were done in small areas at first and allowed children to have the vouchers that they needed to make sure that they were going to be able to go to a private or a charter school so that they would be able to get what they could out of the different situations. It was something that allowed them to truly see the benefits.

The easiest way that Betsy DeVos was able to help people was simply doing it herself. While she worked with other charities and foundations at the beginning, she eventually decided to just take it on herself. She started her own foundation along with her husband, Dick. They worked hard to build it up from the ground and they created a lot of opportunity with the charity. The DeVos’ also got their family involved with the charity because they knew that they were just as philanthropic. It allows them to enjoy time together and to make a difference. Visit to know more about their foundation.