Marathon Pharmaceuticals, revolutionizing the medical industry one day at a time

When most pharmaceutical companies come in the industry, the aim is mostly to develop high volumes of medications to spread in the market. Well, not for Marathon Pharmaceuticals. Marathon Pharmaceuticals is a drug developing company that establishes treatments for rare diseases. The company works on a small volume basis. Marathon develops medications that are difficult to manufacture and avails them to patients with very few medical options or none at all. Among the rare diseases that Marathon seeks to develop treatments for are cancer, Neurological issues among other disorders that are rare to stumble upon.


The background of Marathon Pharmaceuticals


Marathon Pharmaceuticals was founded in 2008 with headquarters in Chicago. The company also has subsidiaries in Northbrook Illinois and several others that are still in the works. Marathon also recently announced the launch of a new Marathon Bioscience Centre that will be working as a pipeline for the development of treatments for disorders of the Central Nervous System, deficiencies in the endocrine system, movement and gastrointestinal disorders as well as cancer.


Marathon Pharmaceutical’s achievements


Marathon is credited for the production of numerous drugs like the Seconal Sodium, PEPCID, Opium Tincture and Amytal Sodium among others. However, it would seem that ZINGO is the biggest launch in the company’s history yet.


Marathon Pharmaceutical’s ZINGO


ZINGO, which also goes by the name Lidocaine hydrochloride monohydrate in scientific terms, is a device that was launched in an attempt to introduce a painless way of inserting needles into the human body. The easy to use device is used by doctors to deliver anesthetics. The device was aimed at serving the young population between the ages of three and eighteen as this is the sample of the population that experiences most pain during injection.


How does the ZINGO device work?


The device works by pressing a button which in turn delivers a dose of powdered lidocaine to the applied area. The power is then transferred through the skin with the help of a delivery system powered by helium. This results in a numbing effect on the applied area that kicks in within two minutes and is guaranteed to last for only ten minutes within which the medical practitioner can conduct the desired clinical procedure.


Most doctors have adopted ZINGO since it works almost five times faster than local anesthetics.