Robert Ivy – Thoughts On The Benefits Of AIA Membership

As with any profession in life, there is always something new a person can learn. While people can learn a lot on the job and through some type of formal education, a professional organization can help take them to the next level. At present, there are thousands of professional trade associations in the U.S. Robert Ivy can share the following benefits of joining a professional organization like the AIA.

1. Robert Ivy makes sure the AIA provides professional networking opportunities for members. Members have access to conferences that can bring together thousands of professionals. Members get to influencers, leaders, and peers in their field. AIA also provide other opportunities for networking and events where members can volunteer.

2. AIA can also help members search for new employment opportunities. A professional organization can help members discover and build relationships that can possibly lead to job opportunities.

3. Robert Ivy knows that continued training is essential no matter how long an architect has practiced their trade. AIA provides an environment where design and architecture communities join in sharing connections and expertise. The AIA community consists of more than 91,000 professionals who can share their passion for design and architecture.

Joining the AIA can also open doors to find valuable online resources. These resources can include informative databases, valuable subscriptions, and email correspondence about upcoming events and a host of topics. Professional development is also a viable possibility. Education and certification can help architects and builders to master a particular skill.

With increased skills, earnings can also increase. An associate membership can also serve as a valuable vehicle to move up in the world of architecture. Associate memberships are open to people with a professional architecture degree.
They must work under the supervision of an architect, show proof of enrollment in an AXP, or hold the rank of faculty member in a college or university architecture program.

As CEO of AIA, Robert Ivy is on a mission to make sure the organization remains relevant to the needs of its members. AIA offers a complete array of tools and services that members can leverage for success.

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