Attorney Todd Levine’s Success In Prestigious Cases And Its Connection To His Musical Side

Todd Levine is an attorney based in Miami, Florida. Mr. Levine has a Bachelor in Finance from the University of Florida where he graduated in 1988. His interest in law began shortly after his graduation, and he decided to study for a degree. Mr. Levine graduated in law from Levin College of University of Florida with honors in 1991. Since then, his work history includes many serious legal disputes within the entertainment industry, but also sports. However, his clients are usually in real estate, investments, and finance.


Todd Levine is a founder and a partner at Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen, and Levine, which now has 30 attorneys, 13 more than when the firm was started back in 2009. It has increased in numbers of partners and employees, as it has grown in size of the cases the company takes on itself to solve. The famous baseball player Alex Rodriguez, perhaps better known as Jennifer Lopez partner, hired the firm to represent him in a divorce case. Todd Levine has represented Rodriguez in more than one case, although it was his colleagues at the firm who took o on the particular divorce proceedings. Perhaps surprisingly, the hard-working attorney has an artistic side. He plays both the guitar and keyboard. The interest in music and arts started when Todd Levine was ten years old. He says this helps him in seeing things he otherwise wouldn’t see, in his job.


The prestigious cases Todd Levine is working on, are some within the political world. The mayor of Sweetwater, Orlando Lopez, hired the firm to represent him in a dispute over a budget and the funding of it. Mr. Levine claims that parts of the success his company is experiencing comes from the close relationship between the colleagues, and their mentoring of younger attorneys.


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