Gareth Henry Benefits Private Credit Sector

Gareth Henry brings value to private credit sector investment relations activity, nationally and globally. Currently head of global IR for several U.S. alternative investment management firms, Henry provides substantive background to raise industry offerings. Based in New York City, United States, Gareth Henry holds current Fellowship within both the Institute of Actuaries, UK, and the Society of Actuaries, USA. Educated at University of Edinburgh, Bachelor of Science/Actuarial Mathematics, Gareth Henry was former head of IR at both Fortress Investments and Angelo Gordon, Schroders, SEI Investments, Watson Wayatt LLP, and other positions between Europe and America. Gareth Henry brings banking expertise and in-depth knowledge from both U.K./U.S. private alternative credit sector regulatory environments.

The private credit sector has reflected strong growth post-2008 financial crisis. As an unfortunate byproduct of global investment loss, the private alternative credit sector has increased in value for prospective clients, equity firms, and equity merge activity under partnership. Some key trends have driven value:

  • Post-2008 Crisis Regulatory Change
  • Public Company Quarterly Increased Disclosure Requirements
  • Public Company Increased Cost Drivers
  • Decreased Bank Private Lending

With the trend from classic bank business lending to private credit/equity management, Henry has well-positioned direct investment offerings across his client base. Services include:

  • Mezzanine Loan Purchase
  • Senior Loan Purchase
  • Capital Appreciation Strategies
  • Distressed Credit Strategies
  • Business Development Company Strategies
  • Non-Performance Loan Purchase
  • Life Settlement Fund Purchase
  • Catastophie Bond Fund Purchase
  • Royalty Fund Purchase

Private credit investment require collegiality. As Gareth Henry states: “Always solicit feedback from your peers, your team and clients. Many people are afraid of feedback, but it’s key to understanding the internal and external dynamics you’re operating within.”

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