Top Facts about Victoria Doramus

Victoria Doramus is a London citizen. Doramus pursued bachelor’s degree in journalism at the University of Colorado for four years. Later she joined Sotheby’s Institute of Art in London where she did a course in fashion history. This gave her lots of experience in the marketing industry. Doramus has put efforts on sales because they are core activities in today’s market. She is particularly interested in fashion and clothing trends and various styles. Doramus utilizes the social platforms such as trade sites, Pinterest among others to advertise the clothing style and her sales. Doramus page can put a buyer updated on the current clothing styles and designs.

Doramus is also skilled in writing and editing. She has worked for big companies in the world. Doramus’ skills in writing and editing have placed her in great areas and situations. Though her home is London, her skills have given her big positions in Los Angeles and New York. Doramus has worked as Peter Berg personal assistance, a film director. She worked at Trendera as an editor and analyst in youth market trend at creative artist agency. She has also participated in communication with professionals and researches.

Anyone with an online website and want to sell clothes and other items Victoria Doramus is the best expert who can adequately help you carry out successful marketing. She will give you the procedure to determine the upcoming trends that you can use for marketing the items of various types.

Apart from fashion Doramus has played roles in marketing many essential activities in business. Doramus has crucial skills that she used to aid companies maximizes income and grow to higher levels. Doramus studied marketing to identify upcoming trends and utilize them for her benefit and various companies that she works with. Being best in style, Doramus has helped to define high-quality products that are in fashion and sell them.

Drew Madden Continues to Develop Healthcare Career

The healthcare industry has continued to be one of the most important and significant Industries in the country. Traditionally, there have been many different insurance companies, healthcare providers, hospital systems, and other organizations that have been leaders in the field. However, it now appears that there will continue to be additional companies that will continue to grow and could soon turn into healthcare powerhouses.

Over the past few years, it has become very clear that both Amazon and CVS soon become leaders in the healthcare industry. This past year, Amazon took a very big step forward when it started the processes required to obtain pharmacy licenses. The company is looking to allow for more online pharmacies to develop in the United States. If they are successful, this could help to reduce the operating costs of pharmacies and could give people more affordable medication accessibility.

CVS, on the other hand, has also been very big in the space. During the past year, CVS announced that it was going to be Aetna, a major healthcare company. This would help to expand and diversify the CVS brand and business lines, which used to be more focused on retail pharmacy.

One additional individual that has continued to be a major participant in the healthcare industry has been Drew Madden. Today, Drew Madden is a managing partner of Evergreen Partners, but he has had a very long and successful track record in the industry. For 6 years, Madden was the President of Nordic Consulting Partners. During his time there, Madden saw the company grow substantially. While it started out with just 3 clients and 10 employees, he saw the company expand to have more than 725 employees that managed more than 150 clients.

Beyond his time that he has spent at these consulting firms, Madden has also been very involved in the healthcare IT industry. He has a long track record of being very innovative by helping a variety of different healthcare companies improve their IT management. People like Madden will continue to be very important and essential as the healthcare industry continues to evolve in the coming years.

Betsy DeVos Has Remained Focused On Her Task Of Giving The American Family Educational Choice

Betsy DeVos was recently confirmed as the Secretary of Education of the United States, and while she won a narrow decision, she is now ready to get to work for the people of the country. For Mrs. DeVos, her position means that she will possible have more influence in the ways that has hoped to for many years. While others have worked on this or that cause and have changed their minds on important matters, she has remained a stable, steely, and dedicated person who has devoted a large part of her life to fighting to see American families get equal educational opportunities.


While this may seem like something that everyone in the country would be for, there are many detractors who are critics of Betsy DeVos and the cause that is near and dear to her heart. Many of her political opponents have painted her out to be nothing more than a wealthy woman who is completely out of touch with regular, every day Americans. They also point to the fact they she has never had to attend a public school in her life, which she has no problem admitting. This is because she believes the American educational system is a broken one, and statistics about the state of public schools in the country compared to other countries would completely agree with her.


Betsy DeVos doesn’t just work to see laws passed that would divert public funds to paying for the tuition of kids who attend private and charter schools. She also donates large sums of her own money to educational causes and private schools. She supported and continues to support Potter’s House Christian School through donations and visited the school earlier on in her life with her husband when they had children. The school serves a large number of poor families who live in Grand Rapids, and she was taken in by the loving, supportive, and joyful atmosphere at the school when she visited. It disappointed her to see that many of the families who sent their kids to the school had to struggle to make ends meet just to be able to, and this is part of why she wants to see laws changed.


Betsy DeVos, during an interview, recalled a time in the 1990’s when she served the American Education Reform Council and Children First America by sitting on their boards. Both of these groups were looking to support educational choice by passing laws that would give families vouchers and tax credits. She made some progress at that time, and then in 1993, her husband and herself were both a large part of the first charter school bill in the state of Michigan They also tried, again, later on to make vouchers and tax-credit scholarships a part of the Michigan constitution but their efforts were unsuccessful. This saddened her as the state has a large urban population that she feels is not being served well by its public schools. Instead of giving up, she formed the Great Lakes Education project, which was focused on expanding charter schools in Michigan and advocating for educational choice. Today, she continues to fight for the rights of Americans who can’t afford to send their children to a quality school.


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