Embrace Your Uniqueness and Express it With Color

Lime Crime has become quite popular due to the bold and beautiful colors that the makeup collections include and Doe Deere is the genius behind it all. Deere, also known as the “Unicron Queen” is not afraid to show the world who she really is through her expressive and colorful makeup, hair and clothing choices. She is bold and beautiful, and she is sharing a piece of herself through her vividly bright makeup selection. From her passionate purples to the hottest pinks, her lipsticks, eyeshadows and even Unicorn hair dyes, all available through Lime Crime, is exactly what the world has been waiting for.


Deere has always been a bit of an entrepreneur, and she has found success due to her ambitious nature and persistence. She dropped out of fashion school because she decided that she was better off following her own path and needed to pursue her own dreams. She created her own fashions and sold them on eBay, and she paired her homemade makeup with her designs to help them stand out even more. The look caught on and it turns out that there was a need and a demand for the look she created. She went on to found Lime Crime, and the company has grown internationally. Lime Crime products are now available online and in retail stores, and she is always adding to the Lime Crime collections. Lime Crime products are proud to be cruelty-free and vegan.


Deere did not really plan to become the Unicorn Queen of Lime Crime, but she just followed her passions which were in the design and makeup industry, and she found not only success but happiness as well. Deere believes that it is very important to be true to yourself an to not let your dreams go. It is always best to be yourself and to do what you love, or you will not be happy.


Deere is empowering and an example not only to budding entrepreneurs but to women everywhere. She was always very imaginative and artistic, and it’s no secret that she absolutely loves color. The brighter, the better.


She chose the name, Lime Crime because it’s her favorite color and it is unique. She also likes to have fun rhyming words, so it was kind of a no-brainer. Deere does not stay in the lines or within barriers. She likes to be free and to be able to express herself in her way.


Social media has become a big part of her life. Not only does she use the internet to sell and advertise her products, but she also gets a lot of feedback She uses this to her advantage and is always trying to do better and to grow. Feedback is a very useful tool. Deere advocates Unicorn power which is basically a way to embrace your differences and uniqueness. Everyone is different, and that is good, or we would all be the same. Deere’s not afraid to take on a challenge and go for it.


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