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Loved visiting the Sumba Hospitality School. Such a special group of people. @nihisumba

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Chris Burch is a leading entrepreneur known all over. He is the CEO of Nihi Sumba Hotels. His entrepreneurial journey began at an early age. Chris Burch is an experienced investor and businessman who have continued to show success in his business. Chris Burch has continued to use creativity and innovation to support his activities. He has a vision for market opportunities. He understands his customers’ needs and behavior and ensures that he satisfies them. He aims at helping other creative innovators to venture into business and utilize their entrepreneurial skills. He supports an extensive range of consumer products, home furnishing, and hospitality, read ( Chris Burch has made many expensive brands grow. He also funds research projects for many countries. Chris has won many prestigious awards. Nihi Sumba has been awarded as number one best hotels in the world. The Nihi Sumba hotel offers world-class customer services, learn more information on Chris Burch has also invested in both international and local real estate investment.

The Nihi Sumba Island has a fascinating story and a rich heritage which attracts many people from all over the world. Nihi Sumba hotel is situated at Sumba Island. Together with James Mcbride, they have transformed Nihi Sumba Hotel into the world’s best hotels. Their partnership has brought a unique investment and a lot of success. The hotel has also brought the Sumbanese people together and given them the opportunity to showcase their varied culture and heritage. Chris Burch is a global hotelier. He also has vast experience in a wide range of industries.

Richard Liu Qiangdong and’s Journey to the Top Spot of E-commerce

At this technological day and age where everything is now in the palms of our hands – everything is now instant and can be done at a single click of a button. Almost everything now can be done over the internet and over your smart phone. We, as a race, have been figuring out ways to hasten things and make things more convenient and comfortable for us. E-commerce and online shopping has been adored and used by millions of consumers worldwide – who wouldn’t want to do their shopping at the comfort and convenience of their own home? Where you just click on a product and it gets delivered right to your doorstep? With the popularity of online shopping, a variety of online shopping platforms have emerged, and one of these is

  1. com is owned by Chinese Business Mogul, Richard Liu Qiangdong and his business history is the epitome of building a business from the ground up. Richard Liu Qiangdong was raised from a time that traditional businesses and technology was corroborating. Richard Liu Qiangdong actually started with brick and mortar stores – and then eventually expanded its market to the whole world.

Right now, along with Richard Liu Qiangdong has been figuring out ways and building strategies to further propel their company towards more successes. Richard Liu Qiangdong is corroborating with the most genius logistics experts, the most creative thinkers and the most forward innovators to help him propel forward. And with the big investments that is reeling in and the terrific amount of support that he is getting from big companies like Google, Walmart and Tencent. is now the biggest rival of Alibaba, an e-commerce company ran by Jack Ma. Before, was only trailing Alibaba in terms of online presence and sales, and now under the leadership of Richard Liu Qiangdong, they are now boxing it out for the top spot in e-commerce and online shopping.

Richard Liu Qiangdong’s values and smarts for his business are very notable and should be looked into by aspiring businessmen for reference. At this point, there is no way but up for Richard and

Robert Ivy – Thoughts On The Benefits Of AIA Membership

As with any profession in life, there is always something new a person can learn. While people can learn a lot on the job and through some type of formal education, a professional organization can help take them to the next level. At present, there are thousands of professional trade associations in the U.S. Robert Ivy can share the following benefits of joining a professional organization like the AIA.

1. Robert Ivy makes sure the AIA provides professional networking opportunities for members. Members have access to conferences that can bring together thousands of professionals. Members get to influencers, leaders, and peers in their field. AIA also provide other opportunities for networking and events where members can volunteer.

2. AIA can also help members search for new employment opportunities. A professional organization can help members discover and build relationships that can possibly lead to job opportunities.

3. Robert Ivy knows that continued training is essential no matter how long an architect has practiced their trade. AIA provides an environment where design and architecture communities join in sharing connections and expertise. The AIA community consists of more than 91,000 professionals who can share their passion for design and architecture.

Joining the AIA can also open doors to find valuable online resources. These resources can include informative databases, valuable subscriptions, and email correspondence about upcoming events and a host of topics. Professional development is also a viable possibility. Education and certification can help architects and builders to master a particular skill.

With increased skills, earnings can also increase. An associate membership can also serve as a valuable vehicle to move up in the world of architecture. Associate memberships are open to people with a professional architecture degree.
They must work under the supervision of an architect, show proof of enrollment in an AXP, or hold the rank of faculty member in a college or university architecture program.

As CEO of AIA, Robert Ivy is on a mission to make sure the organization remains relevant to the needs of its members. AIA offers a complete array of tools and services that members can leverage for success.

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OSI Food Solutions’ Make It Happen Mentality

The food industry is one of those fields that is going to be around for as long as people are around. The simple fact of the matter is that people have to eat in order to survive. This notion is basically survival 101 to a certain extent. One of the top food providers in the world is located in America’s Midwest region. This food provider is known as OSI Food Solutions, and it’s one of the most successful private companies in the US. In addition to its success, OSI just so happens to be one of biggest private companies in the US.

OSI Food Solutions has been dominating for quite some time. This particular custom food provider is always looking to expand, and it has been doing so ever since its birth. OSI began its journey as a small butcher shop in Oak Park, Illinois. As time passed, the butcher shop would grow into a food wholesale business. When it became a food-wholesale business, the company had to change locations to meet the higher demands of the public. Maywood, Illinois, was its new location at the time, but the company would end up in the city of Aurora, Illinois.

OSI Food Solutions has a vast supply chain that extend over oceans. This supply chain is one of the reasons to why the company is so proficient, especially when it comes to distribution. Clients all around the world can rest assure that their products will be shipped to them in the shortest amount of time. Some of OSI Food Solutions’ factories are located in Ukraine, Poland, Austria, Canada, the UK, the Netherlands, Japan and India.What more can you say about OSI company? OSI Food Solutions is certainly rewriting the book on how to be a successful business in modern-day times.


Neurocore Brain Treatment Centers

The company was established by Timothy Royer in 2004. It’s also known as Neurocore Brain treatment centers or Neurocore brain training. Specialist employees in the company range from 50 to 200. Neurocore specializes in providing data-driven evaluations based on brains and gives programs that assist both adults and children. Neurocore applies state of the art to help people optimize their brain to experience a healthy and happy life. The company has been able to establish nine brain performance centers in Michigan and Florida. Read more about Neurocore at

Brains are important organs to every human as they control the whole body in terms of thoughts, behavior, perception, and emotions. Through the advancement of technology, such as EEG and brain mapping scientists can understand how the brain operates and what can be done to improve its functioning. Neurocore has taken advantage of this brain technology in improving mental acuity and treatment of mental disorders such as depression and anxiety.

The history of brain development started back in the 18th century where 1st contributions came from two Italian scientists Luigi Galvani and Alessandro Walter. The two conducted experiments using a frog as their sample for the research. The outcome of the study was that the brain communicates through electrical impulses.

At Neurocore Brain performance centers, we handle individuals suffering mentally or with behavioral health disorders through specialized methods which include;

  • Attention Testing
  • Autonomic Nervous system diagnostic
  • Neurofeedback
  • Quantitative Electroencephalography Biofeedback training

Neurocore areas of expertise

  1. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

This condition is diagnosed based on forgetfulness, difficult completing task or having trouble focusing. The assessment begins by using QEEG technology that measures brain wave activities to identify the cause. After assessment neuro core team trains the brain on how to regulate itself to perform better.

  1. Depression

Various types of depression vary from severe to chronic or debilitating. Our team uses QEEG technology to examine the level of depression and creates a customized program based on the type of depression.

For the above disorders or any other brain disorder treatment you can visit Neurocore in one of their centers or contact them online through filling a form in their link, and they will get back to you. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

Attorney Todd Levine’s Success In Prestigious Cases And Its Connection To His Musical Side

Todd Levine is an attorney based in Miami, Florida. Mr. Levine has a Bachelor in Finance from the University of Florida where he graduated in 1988. His interest in law began shortly after his graduation, and he decided to study for a degree. Mr. Levine graduated in law from Levin College of University of Florida with honors in 1991. Since then, his work history includes many serious legal disputes within the entertainment industry, but also sports. However, his clients are usually in real estate, investments, and finance.


Todd Levine is a founder and a partner at Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen, and Levine, which now has 30 attorneys, 13 more than when the firm was started back in 2009. It has increased in numbers of partners and employees, as it has grown in size of the cases the company takes on itself to solve. The famous baseball player Alex Rodriguez, perhaps better known as Jennifer Lopez partner, hired the firm to represent him in a divorce case. Todd Levine has represented Rodriguez in more than one case, although it was his colleagues at the firm who took o on the particular divorce proceedings. Perhaps surprisingly, the hard-working attorney has an artistic side. He plays both the guitar and keyboard. The interest in music and arts started when Todd Levine was ten years old. He says this helps him in seeing things he otherwise wouldn’t see, in his job.


The prestigious cases Todd Levine is working on, are some within the political world. The mayor of Sweetwater, Orlando Lopez, hired the firm to represent him in a dispute over a budget and the funding of it. Mr. Levine claims that parts of the success his company is experiencing comes from the close relationship between the colleagues, and their mentoring of younger attorneys.


Dr. Saad Saad: How to deal with children who have swallow foreign objects

Dr. Saad Saad is one of the prominent pediatric surgeons in the United States. He is known for his operations in New Jersey.

He is a skilled doctor who has earned experience in this industry for the past four decades, as far as pediatric treatment is concerned, he is the best person to rely on for such matter, in his career, he has helped thousands of children who have had various medical condition , he has performed surgical operation to very young children. Learn more about Dr. Saad Saad: and

He set a record after he performed a successful operation on the youngest child ever. The child was suffering from an aneurysm.

Apart from that, Dr. Saad Saad is helping thousands of children who swallow foreign objects. If you are a parent, you know how this is a big problem. Young children will try to get anything they get on their hands into the mouths. There are many cases of children who have swallowed some foreign elements such as coins and peanuts.

It is had to leave such objects near a child, and they fail to put it in their mouth. In his career, Dr. Saad has done over 1,000 operations where he had to remove foreign objects from children bodies. Read more: When a Child Swallows a Foreign Object – Advice by Dr. Saad Saad

When children swallow these objects, there are two outcomes to expect. Either the object will go safely into the stomach, or it will get stuck in the esophagus or the windpipe. When an object gets stuck, this can easily turn out to be a disaster. It is one of the things that need an immediate solution. Parents are advised to avoid trying to use their fingers to get the stuck object out of the child’s mouth.

Trying to do that might push the object farther down. Some of the symptoms of a child who have a stuck object include difficulties breathing or swallowing food. In case such a thing happens, one should first carry out a first aid procedure and if it fails to consult a professional doctor like Dr. Saad Saad.

According to Dr. Saad Saad, the first thing that you should do for a child less than six years is to hold him or her upside down and then tap on the back. For children older than six years, one should wrap their hands around their abdomen and apply pressure just below the rib-cage.

Saad adds that in case these two methods do not work, one should consult a doctor immediately.

One of the operations done is to take an x-ray scan to look at the position of the foreign object, although this might not be the most effective solution since it can only spot metallic objects.

Dr. Saad Saad has a better solution that involves using an advanced endoscope that can locate the position of the object with ease.

Glasgow, Scotland Author, Broadcaster And Journalist Alastair Borthwick

Born February 17, 1913 in Rutherglen, Scotland, Alastair Borthwick later became a journalist after dropping out of Glasgow High School at the age of 16. He was hired by the Glasgow Herald, and his duties there included editing the newspaper’s feature pages and taking phone calls from people who wanted to have something printed in the publication. His work on the Open Air feature page was focused on reporting on the area’s working class population’s weekend ventures into the Highlands for hill walking and climbing, and the articles he wrote garnered a good amount of attention among the citizens. By 1939, some of these articles were published in a book he wrote called Always a Little Further, which remains one of the most interesting books ever written about outdoor activity in Scotland.

Alastair Borthwick also worked at another news publication called the Daily Mirror, which required him to move to London in 1935. Although this new job was a big step up from his last one, he realized that he wasn’t that fond of the London lifestyle, so he returned to Glasgow within a year and started working as a correspondent for the BBC radio station. After World War 2 began, he was commissioned as an Intelligence Officer in the 5th Battalion at Caithness and Sutherland. When the most major intensities of the war died down, he was asked to write about his experiences in the military, which he did in 1946 in a book he named Sans Peur, The History of the 5th Battalion, the Seaforth Highlanders.

After the war ended completely, Alastair Borthwick (@alastairborthwickauthor), along with his wife Anne, moved from Glasgow to a place called Jura, where he continued his job as a broadcaster for the BBC. The couple relocated to several other cities after that, and by the 1960s, he began working as a TV producer, putting together 30-minute programs based on a wide range of topics. The author and his wife moved to a hill farm in Ayrshire in the next decade, and in 1998, Alastair was admitted to a nursing home in Beith, where he died 5 years later.

Hussain Sajwani: Growing Dubai’s Real Estate Industry

The real estate industry is one of the most dynamic sectors in Dubai. Countless people have created wealth in the industry. Individuals such as Hussain Sajwani and Donald Trump are billionaires who have amassed wealth in the industry. Like any other industry in the world, entrepreneurs must work hard to succeed. There’s a lot of skills to learn. Therefore, an individual must have a passion for excelling. The love for this industry gets you through challenges and hurdles. You need to be familiar with strategies that can help you succeed. One such individual that has implemented policies to excel is Hussain Sajwani the DAMAC owner.

Real estate developer Sajwani has a stellar reputation as a successful business professional with a keen eye for creating and maintaining business. He’s also built an excellent reputation for forming social connections. The billionaire has an amazing business acumen that has seen him develop a multi-billion business empire called DAMAC Properties. He founded DAMAC Properties in 2002. In the first year, it developed properties in Dubai’s Abu Dhabi. The units sold out immediately. Hussain Sajwani has expanded the firm’s operations to various cities.

Although successful, the DAMAC owner grew up in a humble background. He looked up to his entrepreneur father who owned a retail outlet where he stored men’s items. His father often traveled, putting him in charge of the business. Hussain Sajwani, the DAMAC owner, learned how to operate the company at a tender age. He joined a medical school in the Middle East but changed his academic interests when he entered Washington University to pursue economics. He’d then join GASCO Limited as the manager for contracts.

CEO Hussain Sajwani has a good relationship with President Donald J. Trump who has a remarkable reputation in the real estate industry. They partnered to create a Trump-branded golf course designed by Tiger Woods. His visionary leadership in creating glamorous properties helped him earn praise from President Donald Trump. The DAMAC owner is an experienced real estate entrepreneur. Before establishing DAMAC Properties, he started a food catering business that served more than 1,000 clients monthly. It’s evident that Hussain Sajwani mastered the operations of the industry before delving in the business. He understands the challenges and has solutions to them.


Gareth Henry Benefits Private Credit Sector

Gareth Henry brings value to private credit sector investment relations activity, nationally and globally. Currently head of global IR for several U.S. alternative investment management firms, Henry provides substantive background to raise industry offerings. Based in New York City, United States, Gareth Henry holds current Fellowship within both the Institute of Actuaries, UK, and the Society of Actuaries, USA. Educated at University of Edinburgh, Bachelor of Science/Actuarial Mathematics, Gareth Henry was former head of IR at both Fortress Investments and Angelo Gordon, Schroders, SEI Investments, Watson Wayatt LLP, and other positions between Europe and America. Gareth Henry brings banking expertise and in-depth knowledge from both U.K./U.S. private alternative credit sector regulatory environments.

The private credit sector has reflected strong growth post-2008 financial crisis. As an unfortunate byproduct of global investment loss, the private alternative credit sector has increased in value for prospective clients, equity firms, and equity merge activity under partnership. Some key trends have driven value:

  • Post-2008 Crisis Regulatory Change
  • Public Company Quarterly Increased Disclosure Requirements
  • Public Company Increased Cost Drivers
  • Decreased Bank Private Lending

With the trend from classic bank business lending to private credit/equity management, Henry has well-positioned direct investment offerings across his client base. Services include:

  • Mezzanine Loan Purchase
  • Senior Loan Purchase
  • Capital Appreciation Strategies
  • Distressed Credit Strategies
  • Business Development Company Strategies
  • Non-Performance Loan Purchase
  • Life Settlement Fund Purchase
  • Catastophie Bond Fund Purchase
  • Royalty Fund Purchase

Private credit investment require collegiality. As Gareth Henry states: “Always solicit feedback from your peers, your team and clients. Many people are afraid of feedback, but it’s key to understanding the internal and external dynamics you’re operating within.”

Visit his website: